Meet our Minder Sara!

At LMM Care, we truly believe that our minders and nannies are superheroes! We source and hire the best childcare practitioners to supply to creches and to private homes as nannies.

Allow us to introduce you to one such ‘superhero’, Sara!

“Hi, my name is Sara and I am 27 years old. I am from Italy living in Ireland for the last 5 years.

I graduated in Social Services in Italy and have worked in different places throughout the world, in tourist villages entertaining children during their holidays.

I love working with children, it’s my greatest passion.

Since coming to Ireland, I graduated in Early Childhood Care Fetac level 5 and my plan is to continue my Childcare studies.

I started work as an Aupair in Dublin to learn English and this year, I began working with LMM Care and finally I could be the professional minder I always dreamt of and could work in professional childcare sector.

The best thing about working with LMM Care is that you can choose your own schedule. Working in different places helps me to broaden my experience and I love meeting and working with children of different age groups every week.

Children love to see different faces and even in one day you can develop a bond with a child!

As a worker with LMM Care, I have found that I am always supported by staff of the creches that I attend, and LMM Care have always supported and encouraged me through my career.

I think we are childcare superheroes because we can provide help to anyone who for whatever reason is not available to look after children, or if a crèche has some staff sick…they are always happy to see you and if the managers like you, they will request you. That means you have left a good impression there and it makes me feel proud when that happens.

Working to a flexible schedule means you can choose where and when you will work, meaning you don’t have to commute long distances to get to work and if you need to have time off, it is no problem!

I couldn’t have a better job!”



2 thoughts on “Meet our Minder Sara!

  1. I totally agree with you Sara….Working for LMM agency I fell like I’m the boss, because it’s your decision when and where to work in your spare time. It is very convenient if you study or work part time, you can plan ahead your holidays or your other requirements by managing your schedule. I work for LMM care since 20015 and I’m grateful for the opportunity and experience I’ve gained. Anastasia


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